Thursday, April 24, 2014


Sizzurp, purple drank and the list of nicknames for the codeine-infused cough syrup continues.
In a bold and unprecedented move, Actavis, the company that produces the prescription cough syrup responsible for purple drank, halted production and is taking it off shelves at pharmacies nationwide.
“They’re just pulling off the one that contains codeine and Phenergan. The Phenergan sort of dries you up if you have a cold but if you take enough of it, it adds drowsiness, maybe a slight euphoria,” said Dr. Michael Wahl, Director of the Illinois Poison Center.
In an interview with FOX 32’s Tisha Lewis, Wahl says music glamorizes prescription drug abuse.
“That is really what is driving, I think, the use of this drug and abuse,” said Wahl.
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