Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Artist on the ComeUp - @dreadheadjaye00

Hip-hop, as a genre, thrives on authenticity, storytelling, and unfiltered expression. Enter 
SpazzoutJaYe, a dynamic artist hailing from the South Side of Chicago. With a captivating spitfire flow and an unwavering commitment to his craft, SpazzoutJaYe has carved out a niche for himself in the competitive world of hip-hop. 

When SpazzoutJaYe steps up to the mic, you feel the intensity. His rapid-fire delivery keeps listeners on their toes, hanging onto every word. With standouts like, A Milli: Spazzout's take on Lil Wayne’s classic is a testament to his lyrical prowess. The beat hits hard, and his flow is relentless. Plus his single  Intro The opening track of his album sets the tone. Featuring FBE Jar$a it’s a declaration of intent and a  promise that SpazzoutJaYe is here to stay.

His music resonates with those who understand the struggle, the hustle, and the hunger for success. As he continues to evolve, we eagerly await what he’ll drop next. Keep your ears tuned to the sound of SpazzoutJaYe—it’s unfiltered, it’s real, and it’s new school rap at its finest.

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

@Swiftisraelofficial is doing way more than "Staying Alive".



Central Illinois native, Swift Israel has been making major moves within the recording industry over the past several months. Using his creativity to create "Rael mixes" to some of today's hottest songs have sparked interest in the burgeoning artist's career. Taking on songs like Mooski's "Trackstar", Future's "Puffin' On Zooties" & his tribute to fallen rapper, Nipsey Hussle on "Long Live Nipsey Hussle"  have given Swift a solid foundation on which to build. 

Gaining further understanding of what it takes to build a brand within the music industry has allowed Swift to use his online platform to propel himself to the forefront of the music scene, and connecting with Authentic Empire CEO, Booman lead to a distribution deal with the company. Swift's latest remix finds the rapper going in over Dj Khaled's "Staying Alive". Staying true to what got him this far Swift is ready to make the move from unheralded rapper to the game's next superstar. 

Check out Swift's "Staying Alive Rael Mix" below and let us know what you think about the Authentic Empire signee's latest release. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

@misterzone4 is going "Live From the Zoo", again.

Sensai Doog brings the streets back on Live 4RM The Zoo 3". The trilogy is complete with the third installment in the series. His patented slow flow in full tow, the Sensai features his real life blood brothers and group members, OBB Yayyie and Doe Doe NBAMG prominently on the project with other appearances from Benji Vinze, OG Spinner, & Valid Baby.

Clocking in at a tidy 12 songs with standouts like "Paxkages" where Doog stands alone speaking on the ills of being the man and "Trapaholik" featuring OBB where the trio trades verses over a menacing instrumental

Keeping the stove working and the corners on lock, Doog continues the legacy he set forth with the first release.

Check out the Traps and Trunks featured project here and let us know what you think.



Tuesday, May 17, 2022

@benniefromthebricks links with @30deepgrimeyy on "Bloody Neighborhood".

Bennie from the Bricks has been holding it down for the Central IL scene for a long time. His latest effort finds him trading verses with one of St. Louis hottest rappers, 30 Deep Grimeyy. The pair takes turns trading verses about the potential ills of their respective neighborhoods. Listeners can't help but to keep their heads on a swivel after hearing these real life raps. 

Check out the single below and make sure to follow both @benniefromthebricks and @30deepgrimeyy on your favorite socials. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

@CityFME puts the Divecity of the Mind of full display.

Illinois native and Midwest resident, CityFME delivers his latest project, Divercity of the Mind. The Midwest Connectz hosted mixtape sports 14 tracks and very few features. Keeping it close to the vest City puts his entire repertoire on full display while only working with his Kool Krew brothers (Blakk Rose, 

Dee Skee, Diezel & Sonny Fogz) plus  guest appearances from crooner Papa Luke, Lucky, and Push Freely. Taking on a multitude of soundscapes City makes sure to keep the feel of his past projects while also venturing into new territory. Push Freely handles the bulk of the engineering and some of the production work on this great addition to the Future Muzik catalog. 

@misterzone4 is Off The Scale.


Sensai Doog continues to deliver music at an incredible pace. The Zoo Cru rep drops two full length projects on the same day. Off The Scale finds the rapper supplying 15 tracks of the vivid street tales that the Sensai's pupils have come accustomed to. Talking the talk, and creating music in a very unique way the Midwest native leaves another example as to why no one else is in his lane. 

You can check out the entire Off The Scale album here as well as a preview for Passionate Love. 

@misterzone4 knows how to show some Passionate Love



@misterozone4 a.k.a Sensai Doog is one of the game's hardest working rappers. Dropping not one, but two full length projects on the same day, Doog puts his versatility on full display with Passionate Love. Taking a different approach and with a clear aim toward music for the ladies the Sensai uses this album to show off seldom seen vulnerabilities. Passionate Love serves as the blueprint to a Zoo Cru members heart. 

Check out the entire Passionate Love album below, plus a preview to Off The Scale

Thursday, July 15, 2021

NEW VIDEO - @Jay2AintShit delivers his new video "February".

After a short break from the music game, Chicago native, Jay2 delivers his new single and video, February. The single can be found on Jay's recently released Send Heartss project. The song serves as a time capsule capturing a specific day, time and the emotional state of Jay2's love interest. Catch the video below and make sure to stay up to date with Jay2 across all your favorite social media platforms.