Friday, April 25, 2014


Chicago EST.1837 recently caught up with young rising Hiphop artist "Sincere"
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
Hello im "SINCERE" 17yr Old Chicago MC Managed By H3entertainment.
2. How long have you been rapping and how did you get involved in music scene?
Ive been rapping since I was 13yrs old, Didn't Start Taking it serious till I was 15. I got Involved In the Music scene when I got in contact with Showcase Ceo of H3entertainment, Since my first show with them He's been guiding me and teaching me the in's and out's of the industry and helping me develop more as an artist.
3. Tell us about your first performance? Where was it and how did you feel about it?
My First Performance was April 25, 2013, It was the Chicago Unsigned Hype Pt. 2 Showcase I was kind of nervous but once I got the Mic in my hand and them bright lights were shining in my face, I just got a burst of confidence out of no were and Ive been rocking shows ever since.
4. Describe your style and flow. Do you think it stands out from other artists? If so why?
I would describe my style and flow as unique and versatile, yes I think it stands out from others because im not only talking about one topic and plus I make songs that can relate to every emotion, I give em tracks that can have them ttu but also give them a taste of Real Life.
5. For people that don't really know about you and your music what could you tell people about it?
For people who don't know about my music, The first thing I would tell them Is Listen, and that its something different and also sometimes offers a positive message to people, cause honestly the only thing my generation knows right now is negativity, I feel like lets try something different, Even though people can turn up for a time period, at the end of the day you still go home to the same problems, so its my job to make music that can relate to some of those problems.
6. What keeps you focused when it comes to music?
The things that keep me focused on my music is seeing how far God has brought me in such a short time. Also my support team from home (my family) They keep me motivated and wanting to get better, and knowing that I got to be the one to do what it takes to get my people out the struggle and show them something new. Also seeing all the naysayer's and haters doing what they do best Hate.
7. What are you currently working and what can people expect from you in this year?
Im currently working on my debut project "Yung, Fly, & Livin" The Mixtape set to drop late April, you can expect a lot of different emotions and sounds, and a number of visuals. Im Currently in the February issue of Coast2Coast Magazine and on Coast2Coast FM Radio, also Featured on upcoming mixtapes like "H3lifestyle" Vol. 7 & Chicago Unsigned Hype Vol.1.
8. Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?
In five years I see my self as a college graduate, a very successful rapper, and investing in the stock market.
9. What do you think of other artists in Chicago? Is there anything you would change?
As of the other artist in the Chicago music scene I respect there grind and there hustle and I salute them for putting Chicago music at the place it is today, but everybody is starting to sound like everybody using the same style and same topics. The only thing I would change is how much the music contributes to the Murders and Violence in the streets of Chicago.
10. Do you have any other talents you have or hobbies that you do when you are not focusing on you rap career?
I do have other talents and hobbies, im an ex Ballroom Dance Champion, I played Contact football for about 5yrs and a also studied Japanese Karate for a while.
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