Saturday, August 17, 2013


Don't be alarmed if you're driving past Gompers, Garfield, Marquette and Washington Parks this weekend. The Chicago Department of Transportation announced Friday a two-week testing period of newly installed speed cameras would begin Saturday. No warnings or tickets will be issued during the testing period, which will include the use of flash bulbs visible to motorists as the pass the cameras. Once the testing period is complete the 30-day grace periods for the four locations will commence. Speed cameras may be found at the following locations.
- Gompers Park (at 4124 W. Foster Ave. and 5119 N. Pulaski Rd.)
- Garfield Park (at 3790 W. Madison St. and 3694 W. Jackson Blvd.)
- Washington Park (at 5530 S. Cottage Grove Ave. and 534 E. Morgan Dr.)
- Marquette Park (3450 W. 71st St., 6818 S. Kedzie Ave., and 6909 S. Kedzie Ave.)
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