Sunday, August 25, 2013


Grand Theft Auto V is but a short few weeks away. Let’s get excited about the soundtrack, which, as per Rockstar tradition, looks good as always. IGN reported the leaked list over the weekend. And, being that the game is set in a fictional LA, all of that west coast rap you love will be there – names like Tupac, N.W.A. and Kendrick Lamar populate the list, along with some more left field choices like Johnny Cash, Brittney Spears and Outkast. The still developing, unconfirmed tracklist can be seen below. For two extras, A$AP Rocky recorded a brand-new track for the game. The song doesn’t have a proper title and doesn’t look to be included yet, but certainly sounds the part of a Rocky track. Also, a leaked Piswasser Beer commercial hit the web and it’s absolutely 100% worth the listen because the lyrics to the jingle are nothing short of hilarious. All-in-all, looks like another win for Rockstar.
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