Wednesday, August 7, 2013


A recurring theme in the search for positive female role models and mentors, What qualities do they possess? How does one seek them out? And, in a world where high-profile women are consistently threatened and attacked on the basis of their femininity, where can the next generation of female leaders look to find reassurance, solidarity, and above all, hope? Thankfully, Chicago is filled to the brim with strong, innovative and endlessly compassionate women who have dedicated their lives to helping others and shattering the glass ceiling one crack at a time.
1. Leonetta C. Sanders, principal, Harper High School
2. Dr. Kimberly Dennis, chief executive officer and medical director, Timberline Knolls
3. Yasmin Nair, writer, academic, activist, commentator
4. Ameena Matthews, violence interrupter, CeaseFire Illinois
5. Jessica Hopper, music journalist, Rookie Mag
6. Veronica Arreola, director, Women in Science and Engineering at UIC
7. Tracy Garcia, founder, It's a Pittie Rescue
8. Lin(Bright Pink/Facebook)Lindsay Avner.dsay Avner, founder and chief executive officer, Bright Pink
9. Estelle Glaser Laughlin, Holocaust survivor, author
10. Trisha Lee Holloway, medical case worker for trans women, Howard Brown Health Center
11. Bridget Brown, founder, Butterflies for Change
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