Friday, August 15, 2014


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Had The Chance To Catch Up With Rising Artist "J.A.G"
1.Introduce yourself and how long you've being pursuing a music career.
My name is Jordan Gray, but I go b J.A.G. or JAG. I am a Sophomore at Saint Xavier University pursuing a communications degree. I have been pursuing a music career for a little over two years. I started rapping because music is very important to me and inspires me and in turn, I want to inspire others through my music. When I was growing up, I noticed how a lot of rappers always talked about what they have, money, girls, cars. I want to make music that relates more to real life and talks about real life situations. We all have good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, crazy moments, and life changing moments. I like to keep trying to be different metaphorically and still make sense to those listening.
2. What does your stage name stand for & how did you come up with it?
My name JAG is simply the initials to my name, Jordan Alexander Gray. Instead of trying to come up with an acronym or something crazy, I decided to keep it simple. Dopeliven, my movement, came from just living a good life. Dope is a throwback word meaning good, which is how I live.
3. Name your favorite album of all time.
Mac Miller Waching Movies With The Sound Off, Schoolboy Q Oxymoron, Notorious BIG Ready To Die, LLCool J Walking With A Panther.
4. The music business isn't easy, what inspired you to become an artist?
Hearing lyrics and beats from others and seeing how even though they got some success, they wound up without anything or got in trouble. As I developed my style, I took that as a challenge to not become a statistic and just make good music. I didn’t want to be the weed smoking, wanna be thug, pimp, player, hustler. If that works for you, fine. I just want to be me, JAG. Like my music because I try to tell stories and have fun with it. Sometimes, I surprise myself.
5. Give us a few memorable moments thus far in your short career.
At the age of 17, my group and I were able to perform at Club Adriana’s. To be in the same place performing that big name people have been in was huge for us. Also, I did my first solo performance without my group for the first time. It was scary but the crowd showed love. When the first video that we did, “They Know” had over 35,000 views was a blessing. And when one of my songs did pretty well on I Tunes and it felt great. And as of recently, Dopeliven has been nominated for a Midwest Urban Music Award for best newcomer. All were memorable to me.
6. where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
Firm in the business and hopefully my brand as strong as ever. I see the clothing line, 19Naughty4/Dopeliven Apparel being worn by everyone. I also hope to be in a position to help others who want to be in this business to pursue their dreams as I am. I also hope to have been nominated or won an industry award. It’s coming, I feel it.
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