Friday, August 1, 2014


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up W/ Stack Or Starve CEO "Dough From Da Go"
1. Introduce yourself and the companies you play a role in.
Dough From Da Go. All Around Business Hustler, Repping Stack Or Starve Approved, Def Jam Records, Swurv Radio & a few other ventures lol.
2. At what specific moment did u relize this would be your life path & what inspired it?
Just being young, and hungry with a passion for the music, and an even harder passion for the business. Working a 9 to 5 was ok, but i knew god had me here on earth for a reason, to make a mark, help others and put down a legacy.
3. Whose on your IPod playlist?
Jhene Aiko'
Big Krit
Sy Ari Da Kid
Blanco Caine
Dott Richey
Chris James
Guns & Roses
4. What project or early career accomplishment can u remember being the most important to launching SOS?
Having some main stream artists like Rick Ross, Twista, Styles P, Shawty Lo & etc, shout the brand out, as well as the SOS Mixtape Brand being a part of the street movements that broke artists like durk, louie, sasha, keef & others. Overall the streets have say so, and they rocked hard with the movement. History's been made.
5. Is there anything you don't have your hands on now that you want to dive in soon? business ventures, etc.
Defanitely building youth cultural centers in Chicago to give young teenagers something creative to do, build awareness in molding young moguls and aspiring businessman. As well as taking on the fashion industry with my new line "Bag Language", which You can find on
6. Your brand is the biggest in Chicago, One of the elites within the country. How do u feel about the media coverage on rap/drill lately?
At the end of the day, rap has a pie of different flavors, and drill/ street music will never die. Reason being, is because street life is a reality, and for some, thats all they know and have experienced. The guy who wakes up to a rolex on his nightstand and a foreign woman in bed, and takes trips across the world, is in another space, and he has something to talk about differently. Music is a form of expression. So we all have to bite down and respect it for what it is.
7. What do u see as being some of the biggest challenges in the music industry nowadays?
Building and keeping relationships solid. Learning not to burn bridges, understanding marketing dollars and how important self independence is. As well as taking control of your own destiny in this industry.
8. With that being said how does one go about overcoming or preventing some of those things?
By thinking outside the box. Trying things, staying focus, using your relationships correctly and not taking advantage.
9. Tell us about the work with def jam this year.
Def Jam is an iconic label and brand. Its the 30th anniversary, the label has signed some great acts and talented stars in the likes of Common, Iggy, August Alsina, Jhene Aiko', Afrojack, Jeezy, Jeremih & many others. The Focus is to take the brand back to the streets and keep the awareness going on a whole bigger level.
10. Where do you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?
In The next 3-5 years i would defanitely like to be propelled into mogul status, but by my own rules! Not Theirs! lol.
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