Friday, June 6, 2014


Chicago EST.1837 recently caught up with young rising Hiphop artist "Picaso Swag"
1.How did you come up with your stage name?
I Use to go Wit "Money Mal" hence my birth Name Being Jamal, but It Was Too One-Demisional. I Always Been A Creative Abstract Thinker And Enjoyed Art Since A Toddler So I Went With Picasso First, but After Research I Realized A Few Artist Already Took A Crack At The Name, So I Thought To Myself What Could Go With It I Looked n The Mirror and Said "SWAG". The Birth Of "Picaso Swag".
2. How would you describe your style to onlookers?
"FINE WINE & MALT LIQUOR" I Give U Beautiful shxt ROUGH shxt Street shxt & Conscious Thought shxt. I'm just Human And Whole Hearted in My Music Coming From A Creative Place. To me it's about being Real True To My Thoughts and Feelings, Expressing Where I'm Coming From In Life and Where I'm Going.
3. You dress well. Is fashion or modeling in the future for you?
Hell Yeah I Draw A lot So I Gotta Lotta Shirt Designs For My Future Label, and I Wanna Design Shoes n Jeans. Before Rap I Definitely Wanted To Go The Fashion Designer Route. As Far As Modeling .... Hell Yeah, I Just Gotta Get out All my Nerves Of Takin Pics It's Something About Being Still Just Help My Nerves Rush In But The Women Think I'm Handsome. lol
4. How do you deal with writers block?
I Been Getting It A lot Recently, I Just Smoke A Lil Herbal Listen To Some OG Hip Hop Nas Jayz 2Pac Biggie Snoop Mos Def n All That Good Shxt, Then I Listen To A lot Of Current HipHop For That Relevant Feel Then A Bunch Of Beats and It's Usually Cracking After That.
5. The music grind is relentless. How do u balance the highs and lows?
I Meditate Eat Balanced WorkOut and Keep A Team Of People Around Me Who Keep My Love and Motivation For It High. I'm Always On Different Blogs Discovering New Artist or Watching Interviews Of Established or New Artist Just Staying Immersed In The Culture. Also Me Being A Videographer n Fashion Guy Helps Me to be excited about Different Aspects Of The Culture. I Luv This Shxt!
6. Do you prefer mainstream or underground success & why?
Both, I Want Club Bangas The Whole Club Turning Up To My Music Around The World, Radio Bangas That People Get Tired Of Hearing. I Also Wanna Keep My Career and Creativity In The Hands Of My Team to See ALL My Money and Never Have To Jeopardize My integrity or Bite My Tongue On A Issue. My Plan Is To Make A Balance Between Both, Why Can't Rappers Have Fun And Touch On Issues? it's Life #PlayasLife
"Life Iz Ur Game Play Or B Played"- Playa's Life
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