Sunday, October 20, 2013


According to Noonie G., it’s just not enough for the Chicago rappers to pay attention to the violent epidemic sweeping through the Windy City. Noonie G. is seeking the support of the entire Hip-Hop industry, as he attempts to help calm the violence in the streets of Chicago, which also stems from the lack educational opportunities for teens in the city, after Mayor Emanuel ordered 47 elementary schools permanently closed.
Noonie G., who was featured on an episode of “American Gangster” about Chicago’s gangs, turned his life around after a prison stint in 1994 and has been active in Chicago politics ever since. He even worked with President Barack Obama when the Commander-in-Chief was an activist in the Altgeld Gardens housing complex. President Obama’s former Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is the current Mayor of “Chiraq,” while Garry F. McCarthy serves as the city’s Police Chief. “Our Police Chief is Hollywood. He ain’t no real Police Chief,” Noonie G. told of McCarthy, who starred in the Sundance reality series “Brick City,” which centered around gangs and crime in Newark, New Jersey. “They are getting paid off these kids. Crime pays,” Noonie G. continued. “Each one of these kids are like pawns. Chicago is known to be the most ruthless city for everything. From the police to everything else. They could stop this level of killings if they wanted to. They get all this money from Washington DC, but they don’t use the money for education programs, or gang prevention.” Noonie G. says he works tirelessly to help stem the violence in Chicago, but a major presence is noticeably absent – that of the rappers.
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