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 Sept 15th, Chicago, IL

Hailing from East Side of Chicago, Hi Money is a lyricist that makes you feel like you’re back in school studying the Anthology. His love for music and the streets are more than evident as he paints both vivid imagery and captures precise emotions through his lyrics. The art of storytelling is a skill that many artists possess to paint a picture of what’s being conveyed. Shannon Smith (Hi MONEY) has mastered just that. His calm, yet powerful voice and raw lyrics place you where he grew up and through the trials he experienced during his journey of becoming a man. The death of his brother in 2005 pushed him further than he had ever imagined and inspired him to tell his story and perhaps touch 
and relate to others by doing so.

Hi Money is no stranger to hard work and dedication and has projects that he is extremely proud of. His first mix-tape titled Straight From the Block became successful with the help of rapper Bet Stax and Hi Money knew that he couldn’t stop there. He went on to complete two volumes of his next mix-tape, Thinking Out Loud in which he paired up with rapper Gem Stone who is a great musical mentor to Hi Money. Stones, who is signed to rapper Lupe Fiasco, encourages Hi Money to do what he feels and write what he wants instead of what everybody else wants. From the Bottom Line was an album of Hi Money’s that featured many talented Chicago artists and that helped promote and circuit the album as well. The music Hi Money creates has a street sound but also give the smoothest appeal which gives balance and shows diversity with a dash of hip hop street bounce to it. “Some songs may be aggressive but others are very soulful,” added Hi Money. The usage of samples coupled with storytelling gives a 

sound that catches the attention of listeners and pulls them in..
While continuing to write and record, Hi Money has also traveled to several states and colleges performing for large venues and hopes to be featured on an underground tour this upcoming Fall. He encourages anybody that wants to pursue a career in music to do so. “Your business mind is everything because talent can only get you in the door,” he said. He wants to be remembered for the great stories that he told through his music and spiritual connection. Nothing can stop him now for he has come way too far.

Coming Soon Hi Money will be releasing a FREE downloadable mixtape titled ‘Hola Dinero' (Hosted By Stack Or Starve) , which will display an arsenal of dope concepts, rhymes & rhythm.
As Hi Money puts it, he wants to ensure the project is solid:
“I want to ensure "Hola Dinero" is perfect, alot of people run with hi money as soon as they hear it. the tape will be extremely lyrical but will give a southern vibe to you due to the production. Equally we are trying to cater to every listener with flow..... base ........wordplay,nasty beats and sick hooks".

Check Out Hi Money's Latest Visual "WAIT OF THE WORLD" dir: @openworldfilms:

'Hola Dinero' will be available to download from www.LiveMixtapes.com
as well as many other outlets!
Contact Info:
Email: himoneyransum@gmail.com
Facebook Fan Page: himoneyransum
Twitter @himoneyimm Internet:
Youtube/ Worldstar.com

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