Thursday, May 15, 2014


Chicago EST.1837 recently caught up with rising artist "Ramada"
1. How did you come up with the name Ramda and what do you stand for as an artist?
I came up with the name Ramada after several crazy nights spent with friends at the local Ramada Hotel. It marked the start of my obsession for rapping and the art of word play that continues to this day. As an artist I stand for everything that tried to put me down throughout my life as a badge of honor to show that I am still here. My music motivates me to wear my scars with pride.
2. Whats the first song you ever remember hearing that made you say "i want to be a an artist"?
There was never a single song that initially sparked my interest in becoming an artist. Ever since I was young I listened to every genre and style I could because I was always so fascinated with the way certain genres of music could evoke different emotions.
3. Who are you listening to nowadays?
Nowadays I listen to anything from Tech N9ne, Kendrick, Eminem, Hopsin, 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, to musical scores from Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman.
4.Where do you gain your inspiration? Whether it be from musical or non musical influences?
I gain my inspiration from certain events in my life that will remain unnamed, but these events push me to break any boundary or limit that I see holding me back. I have always been compelled to music, but my past fuels my creativity and willingness to express myself in a way that others can relate.
5. Do you sensor yourself? Have you ever written anything and decided it was to harsh?
I do not believe in censoring myself, what I feel on a daily basis is not censored and I express my feelings through music. If anything, I have sat back and thought to myself, "this song doesn't have enough emotion in it.
6. What can we expect from you this year and the remaining ones to come?
Throughout the future you can expect to hear my name a lot more. If I am not writing music, I will be performing, if I am not performing you can expect me to be promoting. It is my sole goal to have my music reach as many ears as possible in the future.
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