Monday, September 23, 2013


Remember way back in the era of dial-up and phones that didn’t have apps when the internet was like a new thing? Youtube was Ebaumsworld, and if you needed a question answered you would have to Ask Jeeves. Oh and of course, before Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Twitter, there was only one social media platform; Myspace.
While the commercial, which packs some of musics biggest names and promising up-and-comers in, is only a few months old, it feels like it was years ago. The premise was noble: revamp the site using a few of music’s new faces - Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, Riff Raff - as the poster children to get a new, younger audience in. Unfortunately it is just too little too late. Take Chance The Rapper, who is one of the more prominent, new Myspacers. On Myspace, Chance has about 4,400 people “connected to” (AKA following) him. That number is dwarfed by his 194,000 Twitter followers and on Facebook he has 57,000 likes.
It’s seems like Myspace just doesn’t have anything original to make it marketable. Now, you need some hook or edge that another site can not give you. Look at Vine, no other site lets you upload videos like Vine and, with an original concept, they linked it to other social media and have become a new force. The new Myspace isn’t new, it's a sloppy rehash of Twitter and Facebook with no edge. What made Myspace great a decade ago was the fact that there was no other website like it, but now, thanks to its innovation there are bigger, more powerful sites just like it; the teacher became the student.
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  1. myspace def needs an edge in order for people to show interest. Nothing makes it stand out from everything else we have to communicate with others. I don't think there is anything to do to really make it better. It had a good run, i do not think it will ever be as big as it used to be.