Thursday, September 5, 2013


This video of phenom Duke freshman Jabari Parker might actually do a decent job of getting you ready for the season. It's got some platitudes and slow-mo shots of Parker walking about, taking jumpers, etc., but at this point -- the slowest dip of the college basketball offseason -- just about anything will get me jonesing for college ball. Parker's had a quiet offseason. His arrival to Durham didn't come with the hoopla that Andrew Wiggins descent into Lawrence, Kan., did. But lest you forget, before Wiggins reclassified to be a 2013 graduate, it was Parker who was No. 1 in his class; who was put on the cover of Sports Illustrated and deemed the Best Player Since LeBron. A lot of that hype, nationally, has faded since, but Parker remains a near-consensus top-10 2014 draft pick as of now. He'll be a focal point on a Duke team that'll be top-five in the preseason and yet again a legit national title contender.

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