Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hip Hop artist and actor Common is speaking out against the overwhelming violence that has consumed his hometown of Chicago. Speaking with the Associated Press, Common suggests that a “peace summit” with fellow Chi-town rapper Chief Keef is a necessary first step to curb the violent crimes happening in the city. Chief Keef has become one of the public faces to the Chicago violence in the mainstream press because of the references to gun violence in his music and his several run-ins with the law. Common makes the points that rap music is not the root cause of the violence, but the music does impact the minds of young people.
“To decide to take someone’s life, I don’t think they let a rap song determine that,” said Common, but then adds that the youth are “influenced by that energy and take it the wrong way.”
I started the Common Ground Foundation because I wanted to help. Most of all help people to help themselves.
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