Saturday, April 27, 2013


They knock off their season-long Jekyll-and-Hyde act. The Bulls have won three games in a row just one time since Jan. 26. During the final three months of the regular season, Chicago had a habit of looking spectacular for a game or two, but then losing back-to-back contests to teams like the lowly Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors (which they did on April 7 and 9). You'd think that a team whose calling card is a wickedly competitive defense wouldn't be subject to such inconsistent play, but the Bulls have piled up just as many surprising losses to inferior opponents as they have impressive wins against good ones. In other words, it's almost impossible to know which version of the Bulls is going to show up from game to game. Fortunately for Chicago, it knows that all it has to do is maintain its proven defensive scheme and hope for a little bit of complementary offense in order to win. The Nets are the team that has to adjust, so the Bulls can simply sit back and wait to see what changes their opponents make. Chicago is a deeply flawed offensive team, but its defense looks more than capable of holding strong against a Nets club that is suddenly reeling in its own right. The third time hasn't been the charm for the Bulls very often this year, but if they can simply maintain the kind of effort they've put forth over the last two games, they'll be in good shape.
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