Saturday, October 24, 2015


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up With Rising Rap Artist "JD"
1. Introduce yourself & what you stand for as an artist.
My Name is J.D I'm a Up & Coming Artist From Florida that's represents the struggle and everything it stands for.I speak for everybody that's going thru something that's not all good I speak for every Ghetto, Project and city.
2. What inspired you to become a serious about your craft?
For one I always been serious bout my craft but what makes me go even harder is my fan's and family that love what I do and wanna see me make it big.Knowing that the streets embrace what I talk about and feel my pain and my mother use to tell me...Son you will make it one day just don't never give up I believe in you and when I lost her that motivated me to take my craft more serious and go harder.
3. Rather dead or alive what artist would be a dream collaboration for you?
Drake and the reason why I say Drake because Drake knows how to create a song with Rap or Singing and I know mannn J.D & Drake on a song together will be Dope!!!!
4. How do you deal with writers block?
Majority of the time that doesn't happen cause I usually write down what I know and it comes easy most times but it done happen to me a few times and I'll just put the pen down, vibe to the beat for bout a minute or two,then its like....I Got It!!!!!!!then I get back to writing again.
5. Any projects, singles or videos we should be on the lookout for this year?
My New single "Clean Walk" that's available on SoundCloud now for free download and all Worldwide DJ's Go break that record.
6. Where do you see yourself within this industry 3-5 years from now?
I see myself on the mainstream level working with Major Artist's & Producer's creating great music for the world to hear in the next 5 years hoping to be big as jigga one day lol.
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