Monday, December 8, 2014


Chicago EST.1837 recently caught up with young rising hiphop group "I.D. Entification"
1. Introduce yourselves & what you'll stand for as a group.
We are I.D.Entification, 2 brothers from Chicago working our way towards living out our dreams. Our group consists of Impulse an R&B singer/ songwriter and Demeanor Rap artist/ songwriter. As a group we chose 2 mesh our talents to create one sound, building a fan base giving everyone our identities through the music. Music in which we share with the public is generally R&B but we can come in many different lanes and styles.
2. What inspired you'll to become serious artists?
What inspired us to become serious artists is our love for the art. If one didn’t know, music is definitely an art that most artists fail to realize. It seems to us that artist’s just record to say they have something to do or to fit in with this generation. Very few actually have a plan, vision, and a goal to succeed and get to a stage where they are in position to win Grammy’s. Those are our goals!
3. How does the group plan on separating itself from other up n coming groups?
Our plan to separate ourselves is to simply stay in our own lane. The popular music in Chicago right now is drill. We are going completely away from violence, spreading positive vibes. We also lean towards what we actually go through spilling our hearts on songs.
4. Name a dream collaboration. One producer & one artist.
A dream collaboration for I.D.Entification would have to be the piot piper of R&B in R. Kelly with timberland or Dr. Dre behind the scenes. For this particular collab we’d have to go with Timberland. We think a SUPER hit would come from a track like this.
5. What's been the most memorable moment in the groups short career?
The most memorable moment of the group’s short career would have to be the first time that we performed together. Adrenaline rushing, crowd watching, and high hopes of shutting it down. It honestly seems like once the song starts playing things just come naturally for us as if this is what we were really made to do.
6.Any special projects out, or upcoming fans should be checking for?
Right now everyone please take the time out to go on YouTube and check out our videos under director LawFilms. Look up Lawrence Williams and we have “Head Sprung” and “Crush” which are our two big ones! Look out for our upcoming mixtape that will be dropping soon titled “First Impression the mixtape” hosted by DJ Amaris. Next year summer time be on the lookout for our first Album titled “I.D. Me.”
7. Tell us where you guys see the group 3-5 years from now.
3-5 years from now we see our group improving dramatically and getting serious looks from major producers and labels. Though we don’t know what the future holds, we would like to have only been recognized for our raw talents and appreciated for the music that we are bringing to the industry.
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