Monday, June 12, 2017


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up With American Monster Guild CEO, Checkout What He Had To Say.
1. What unique services does American Monster Guild provide that is different from others?
American Monster Guild offers consulting, tour consulting, blog creation and placement, promotion, PR, marketing, digital royalty administration, distribution, advertising, street team promotions, and industry knowledge that will aid the artist in development and progressing his or her career.
2. How has the industry changes, forced American Monster Guild to adjust its management techniques?
Based on how the industry has changed to be mostly digitally. American Monster Guild has used its industry connections to develop a springboard for digital and independent success. The industry has changed to force artists to become more involved with their respective careers and development.
3. How important is the fanbase of a potential artist to American Monster Guild?
The fanbase has been increasingly necessary and essential to the development of the independent artists’ career. The fans dictate how and when the artists reach notoriety and international success. The independent artist must maintain a specific level of professionalism with growing the localized fanbase in preparation for the future.
4. Through the technological advances, where does American Monster Guild see itself digitally in the next 5 years?
American Monster Guild advances, and steadily growing network. The plan for American Monster Guild is to expand further into movies, entertainment, sports management, and digital distribution platforms.
5. What exciting tours and collaborations do you have for your team in 2017?
There are many collaborations that American Monster Guild has in store for 2017, Hip Hop Stock Exchange, Sony Orchard, Sony Red, Universal Music Group, Amazon, Hip Hop Junkies, and so many more partners and affiliates.
6. How has American Monster Guild changed since its origination?
American Monster Guild has transcended into a global company, which is very different from its original birth, from being a stateside management company. American Monster Guild has built and developed several platforms that have enriched the affiliates and the American Monster Guild network.

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