Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Foxx hopes to tackle the city's rising gun-violence and murder rates by taking a page from New York City. In recent years, Foxx said, the New York City state's attorney's office has worked with law enforcement to target the 150 people there who were responsible for the highest number of violent crimes. By sharing information across agencies, studying data and spotting trends, Foxx said, New York city was able to "drive down that small faction."
"The data has borne out that going after those folks drove the violence down," Foxx said. "And the state's attorney's office owned it. They said: We have a proactive responsibility to deal with gun violence, and not simply react to guns we find in the aftermath. I'm very intrigued by that model."
Foxx said that by sharing information with the Chicago Police Department and other city agencies, the state's attorney's office could effectively track and prosecute some of the city's worst offenders.

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