Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Two of Chicago’s dirtiest cops are at the top of a list of police officers who had generated more than 10 misconduct complaints between 2001 and 2006, according to newly released records. Keith Herrera and Jerome Finnigan were members of a crew of rogue police officers convicted of home invasions and rip-offs of drug dealers. Finnigan was convicted in federal court of seeking to have Herrera murdered because he thought his partner was a rat.
Herrera was, in fact, cooperating with law enforcement authorities investigating the crew. He served a short prison sentence, and Finnigan remains behind bars.
According to a list released Tuesday, Herrera was the subject of 53 citizen complaints over the five-year period; Finnigan was named in 52 complaints. The police department didn’t take any action on any of the complaints, except for a 2003 complaint against Herrera in which he received a reprimand. The top four officers on the list were members of the now notorious Special Operations Section, which was disbanded after allegations of corruption.
On Tuesday, the city turned over a batch of documents — including the list of 662 officers — to independent journalist Jamie Kalven, who had filed an Illinois Freedom of Information Act request to obtain them. The city initially fought Kalven’s request, saying complaints against police officers should remain secret.
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