Saturday, December 14, 2013


Drake has been sued for allegedly backing out of two Chicago concerts after being paid over $200,000 to perform, TMZ reports. The lawsuit was brought by promoters Status Entertainment, and as SPIN reports, they allege that the rapper refused to perform unless he received "more money due to Drake's newfound fame".
The first concert was scheduled for March 2012. Status claimed they sent Drake's camp $100,000, but the concert was cancelled. OVO reportedly promised Status that they'd return the money, but allegedly never did. Status claims they were later informed by another member of Drake's camp that the money had already been spent. That June, Drake threw a concert in Chicago with a different promoter. According to the lawsuit, he "profited handsomely ... to the detriment" of Status. The promoter allegedly planned another concert with Drake for October 2012 at Allstate Arena and sent over another $100,000.
According to SPIN, OVO eventually wrote back, saying, "We changed the price because our value went up." Status decided to call off the concert and asked for their $200,000 back. Drake's camp reportedly promised they'd send it all back, but never did. Status is suing for $202,800, court costs, interest, and "disgorgement of profits" (the money the promoter would've made had Drake actually performed those concerts).
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