Saturday, June 3, 2017


According to Kollege Kidd, Chicago rapper 600Breezy was sentenced to ten years for violating his probation, which his mother later confirmed on Facebook. Breezy was on probation for a 2012 arrest for selling crack cocaine, and a judge ruled that he violated the terms of his probation by traveling.
He addressed the situation on Facebook ahead of his court date in Iowa, “This long ass drive the Waterloo I’m about to walk in court on straight asshole mode … cause if I been violating for traveling… that mean I’m violating coming to court.. and the crazy part my supervising p.o in Chicago didn’t violate me . Iowa did….. After 5 years now Iowa wanna all of a sudden step in.”
Breezy's mother then revealed his fate by writing on her page, “Iowa just locked up Antonio Valentino King for 10 yrs. This is the worst birthday of my life.”

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