Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Chicago EST.1837 recently caught up with rising artist "Riedy"
1. Introduce yourself and how long you've been making music.
I am #RIEDY from LISLE IL. (CHICAGO Suburb) I grew up in LISLE / NAPERVILLE until my father passed of Lung Cancer ... I was 11. I moved to AUBURN AL when I was 12 to live w my mother, brother, and step father and remained there until I was 17 when my mother passed of Liver Disease. I have been a Blue Collar Go Getter Ever Since.
2. What inspired you not to just make music but become a serious artist?
My Inspiration to make Music comes from hearing Music Period. The creative stories you hear, the art, the culture, the identities of neighborhoods inspires me to Tell My Story and Sprinkle in my Mojo, My Personality. Today's opportunities and witnessing people of all colors and backgrounds expressing yourself now more than ever is Inspiring for Me to take My Story and Area of Development Very Seriously.
3. How do you deal with writers block?
I deal w Writer's Block how I deal w most areas of difficulty ... I Let It Go. I remove myself from the area of frustration, could be for a few minutes or a few days. And No Performance Enhancers R needed 2 get my creative juices flowing Let's Just Say That.
4. Any projects or big singles coming up we should be looking out for?
I will hopefully Be releasing the next installment of my mixtape series #TheRIEDYChronicles Part Deux The Tuesday B4 #NBA AllStar Weekend. #AlreadyGone EP due Beginning of MARCH and Keep your ears open for.
5. Name a few goals you have for 2015.
My Goals for 2015:
-Increase Exposure and Grow Fan Base
-Get on Tour and Travel the U.S.
-Release Several Visuals
ie: Music Videos
-Grow as a Better and Wiser Businessman
-Start My 1st Business
6. Where do you see your career the next 3-5 years?
-Independently earning income for my family through several different areas of business in the USA, Kenya AFRICA, and beyond.
-I will Be a Inspiring Household Name Making Music and Acting Full Time
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