Monday, March 27, 2017


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up With Rising Artist "Young Dolo".
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
I am Young Dolo ' A rapper, singer, songwriter and father.
2. When did you decide to make a career of music, and what inspired that?
I've always been involved in music, from elementary school i started as a drummer for my school band and explored all the instruments that where available which then opened me up to even more than I can imagine but I made a career of it when I realized that I was able to encourage and send chills through my peers .
3. Whats been the most memorable moment of your grind thus far?
The most memorable moment was opening up for Young Scooter and Snootie Wild in STL for ZoEnt.
4. How do you deal with writers-block?
I never really have writers block because the music always allows to create some type of Image of something that's common or relate able.
5. Dead Or alive if you could feature with one artist, who & why?
If I could have a feature with anyone it would be 2pac why because of his artistry and he spoke on truth, current situations and past in which are both always valid when it comes to life.
6. What are you currently promoting or working on? I'm currently working on my 4th mixtape BSV4" Boss ShytVol4 Tales of A hustler.
7. Where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
In the next 3-5 years I see my self as being a artist who becomes someone who comes into the game and creates a eye opener for millions of ppl who've been going through the struggle, a game changer an entrepreneur.
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