Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Time Warner pay-cable service said it would license the next five seasons of the venerable program.
New episodes will begin airing on HBO as early as late fall. And there will be more of them: HBO will air twice as many "Sesame" episodes in a season than has been the recent norm, lifting the number produced to 35.
"Sesame Street" will still appear on PBS, which has aired the program since 1969. But new episodes will first appear on HBO, and then be provided to PBS after nine months. It was disclosed yesterday that PBS would run only half-hour episodes of "Sesame Street" in the fall, as opposed to a full hour -- which has been the norm for years.
Under the pact, Sesame Workshop, the producer of the series, will also produce a "Sesame Street Muppet" spinoff series for HBO, and develop a new original educational series for children. HBO will also license more than 150 old episodes of "Sesame Street," and approximately 50 past episodes of two other series from Sesame Workshop: "Pinky Dinky Doo," an animated program focused on literacy, and "The Electric Company,"a 2009 reboot of a series that was another PBS hallmark.

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