Wednesday, February 11, 2015


The mayor and his four challengers met in their final debate before the election Tuesday at the DuSable Museum.
Fioretti accused Emanuel of running TV ads that had been "repudiated by the very groups you aim to help" and instead "say that you've screwed them."
Garcia lashed out at what he called a tax increment financing system "on steroids" that has served to benefit Emanuel, other politicians "and their cronies."
Willie Wilson touted his desire to make changes to the Chicago Police Department, including having them regularly ride public transportation, to try to reduce the city's crime problems without hiring new officers.
William "Dock" Walls contended he was the "go-to guy" in the administration of the city's first African-American mayor, Harold Washington.
Emanuel did speak to an issue raised in the Tribune investigation that showed how the mayor has used his influence in Washington, D.C., to boost his campaign fundraising.
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