Monday, October 2, 2017


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught With Rising Artist "Marko Rack$".
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
I'm Marko Rack$ an inspiring artist born and raised in Chicago. Been doing music for 16 years now. Very good at writing music and love being a recording artist. Went from doing free music to now being available on all digital outlets.
2. When did you decide to make a career of music, and what inspired that?
2001, My older cousin had been inspiring me because he and his friends were doing music. It wasn't until one day he cam home with their music on a actual CD and back then that was big!
3. Whats been the most memorable moment of your grind thus far?
Being available on all digital outlets, selling records.
4. How do you deal with writers-block?
Honestly don't get that.
5. Dead Or alive if you could feature with one artist, who & why?
Jay-Z, because he's the reason I picked up the pen and made sense of what I was thinking. Turning thoughts into words that rhyme isn't the easiest task but listening to HOV growing-up made it easy for me to understand the culture of real hip-hop & rap. So I did just that and together I know we would go crazy, chemistry wise!
6. What are you currently promoting or working on?
#BG2 aka BRO GOD 2 my most recent EP.
7. Where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
On tour making good music. Being paid at an industry level entertaining real fans of the rap culture.
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