Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Sat With New Artist "Magikk"
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
My name is Magikk Dibiase, but most call me Magikk. I'm a hip hop artist from Chicago.
2. When did you decide to make a career of music, and what inspired that?
I started writing songs for fun when I was 9, and as time passed I kept writing and discovered I had a passion for music. At 19 I finally decided this is what I want to do with my life and nothing else.
3. Whats been the most memorable moment of your grind thus far?
Winning a showcase in Indiana with a group I used to be with. Nothing matched the energy and the feeling we had that night. It was amazing.
4. How do you deal with writers-block?
When that happens I leave it and come back to writing another time. I don't ever rush my music because that's when it sounds forced and not natural to me. Usually the lyrics come into my head at any time of the day, no matter what I'm doing. Morning or Night.
5. Dead Or alive if you could feature with one artist, who & why?
As crazy as it sounds, Eminem. I know I'm in a whole different lane of hip hop then him but I got the utmost respect for him as a writer. I feel like if I ever get on a track with him I would have to step my flow up tenfold to keep up with him and I'm open for that challenge.
6. What are you currently promoting or working on?
Right now I got my 2 singles out, "FWM"and "Loud", the videos for those are being set up to be shot currently. I'm working on my first official mixtape also so look out for that as well.
7. Where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
I see my music career on a bigger platform than it is now. And my group, Dream Killer Inc, being set up to be a household name in rap. Not only with releasing music, but with helping other local artists as well. The more unity between Chicago artists, the better.
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