Thursday, January 14, 2016


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up With Arkansas Rising Hip Hop Star "Bossman Tr3nt"
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
My name is Bossman Tr3nt and I’m from Conway, AR. I’m 28 years old and I’m new to the rap scene.
2. When did you decide to make a career of music, and what inspired that?
I’ve always been a fan of rap and a few years ago I had actually started writing verses Then a few months ago I started going to the studio with IFOM and I guess you could say that inspired me again. Since then everything has went kind of fast…. Promo tour…shows…. Putting my mixtape together…. I just love everything about writing my own music and hearing it come to life.
3. Whats been the most memorable moment of your grind thus far?
Every experience I have had while doing this promo tour/shows has taught me a lot about the business and has been very memorable. I’m just blessed to be in this position right now. I also have a great manager, Claude, who has helped me put all this into motion.
4. How do you deal with writers-block?
I take a break, light up a blunt, and let my mind GO!
5. Dead Or alive if you could feature with one artist, who & why?
Bryson Tiller. He’s a new artist like myself and I see him being around for a long time. His sound/style is on another level.
6. What are you currently promoting or working on?
My mixtape, Riich Habbitt$, drops Jan 18th. I put a lot of hard work into it and I want the people to feel that when they listen.
7. Where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
I see myself and iFOM at the top of music scene because we truly have some talented artists. Yall just stay tuned this is only the beginning.
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