Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Chicago Est.1837 Recently Caught Up With Rising Artist "Anthony M"
1. Can you introduce yourself to the people?
What's going on everyone. It's Anthony M. Chicago's Up & Coming R&B Artist.
2. When did you decide to make a career of music, and what inspired that?
Well, music has always been my dream since the age of three. It was nothing that I woke up one day and decided to do (sort of speak). My grandparents played me a video recording of the HBO Michael Jackson special of his 1992 Dangerous Tour when I was three years old. Watching the way he effected the people in the crowd, watching him move about the stage, I said that was exactly what I wanted to do.
3. Whats been the most memorable moment since?
I would have to say the most memorable moment for me thus far would be when I toured Paris, France with the song and dance group I was apart of at the time by the name of The Happiness Club. Being there doing what I loved made me see the endless possibilities and where I wanted to go in my own solo career. Hopefully I'll go back one day.
4. How do you deal with writers-block?
I hate writers block and believe it or not, it does happen. There's no one way to handle writers block I believe. Either you go find inspiration or let the inspiration come to you. I sometimes (as crazy as it may seem) let the music speak to me and tell me what it wants to say, or I sit back and listen to how the music makes me feel in that moment. I can't explain how one really creates, it's really a higher power thing. It's God.
5. Dead Or alive if you could feature with one artist, who & why?
Michael Jackson of course. I think that about sums it up. Who wouldn't.
6. What are you currently promoting or working on?
Right now I'm currently promoting my newly released EP entitled #YouBeTheJude Round 1. It's the first of a three part EP.
7. Where do you see yourself the next 3-5 years?
Hopefully I'll be where I want to be as far as my career. On Tour, Winning Grammy's, doing Movies, but hey, we'll just have to wait and see. (Fingers Crossed)
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