Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The 22 year old mixtape cover designing phenom began designing when he was just 16, as a way to pass time. By 2011 he had turned himself into not just a graphic designer but as one of the most sought out creative mines in the mixtape circuit.
After many re branding attempts and settling in on names like "Sick GFX" & others, the talented cover designer narrowed in on "Sick Empire" aka The Almighty. Receiving his big break and steady client base on Myspace originally designing layouts, banners, & profile pics, Sick began to make the proper connections in the music industry. To date his brand is the face of mixtapes on popular viral sites with MILLIONS of views & downloads. Projects that include work with DJ Young JD, DJ Young Shawn, DJ Ben Frank, DJ Grady, Muzikfene, 3RDY Baby, & many others.
BUT! The young entrepreneur doesnt just want to design mixtape covers his whole life, he plans on developing a clothing brand, video production team, a music group and become a household name.
Follow his progress...

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