Monday, August 25, 2014


Chi.1837 Recently Caught Up With Rising Artist "Cell Plaga"
1. Introduce yourself and what you stand for as an artist.
My name is cell plaga im from the north pole of Chicago..and I stand for the people..I jus wanna inspire them to go after what ever they want out of life especially the black youth , to show them its more to life then whats in front of there eyes and to let em know that thier in control of their own destiny.
2. How long have you been seriously grinding in entertainment?
I've been grinding for about four years.
3. What defining moment do you have that made you want to be in the music industry?
When I was in high school just watching music just clicked in my head and I told myself that's what I wanted to do.
4. How do you deal with writers block?
I really don't get writers block like that so its not a problem for me ....i just go off of how im feeling at that moment sometimes I jus go in the booth and start freestyling or ill write, or I just do both but its never a time wen I couldn't think of nothing to say.
5. Give us a few favorite artists & albums in your Ipod right now.
I listen to biggie and jay -z of course ..and one of my favorite albums is late registration by kanye, and im Jamaican so I listen to alot of reggae also.
6. Where do you see yourself the next few years?
I see my self in top brackets with the heavy's in the game..I know in three years that I will earn my respect as an artist and a song writer, trend setter as well as a hit maker.
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